Case of Giddy Delta 8 THC – 25MG Beverage Additives (FOR RETAIL/WHOLESALE ONLY)


Please do not purchase this item unless you own a business. You will be asked to provide your business information (Tax-ID # etc) so that our team can create a business profile account for future orders.

If you are interested in purchasing Giddy Delta 8 THC Beverage Additives for personal use, please visit this link here for our 20-Pack made for home or on the go.

This ready-for-retail case of individually wrapped and labeled Delta 8 THC beverage additives are perfect for your small business. Created by New York City baristas and mixologists, this 25 MG beverage additive falls under the legal milligram dosage limit on edible drinks in most states.

Depending on the user’s tolerance level, they may experience a mild to moderate calming and euphoric state, without the anxiety or paranoia typically associated with cannabis edibles.

This product is made for users 21+ and older only and may not be sold to minors.

Delta 8 THC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid property that provides a “body high”.

For first-time users, we strongly suggest that you allow 1-2 hours for the full effects of Giddy’s Delta 8 THC beverage additives to take place before attempting to add more than one dose. Most users will begin to feel its effects with 15-30 mins, whereas others may experience a delayed activation.

Please enjoy Giddy™ responsibly.

For COA / lab report, please visit the link here.

Giddy Hemp-Derived, Non-Alcoholic Beverages are only legal n 38 states. Please visit the list here to see if Giddy is available in your state. *Please note that our system will not allow you to complete checkout if your ship-to address is located in a state where Delta 8 THC is currently banned.

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