Giddy Delta 8 THC Premade Ready-to-Serve Cocktail Drink – Variety 12-Pack


*PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GLASS BOTTLES ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK AND MAY BE DISCONTINUED. Any orders made from 6/20 that include glass bottles will be automatically upgraded to our 16oz cans which are twice the size and twice the strength at the same price.

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Giddy™ now offers a line of premade, ready-to-serve natural cocktails delivered to your door. Discover the ‘elevating’ power of plants, without the negative effects of consuming alcohol.

These non-alcoholic beverages provide users with a medium “body buzz”. By providing a relaxing, calming effect, users can now experience an alternative to traditional non-alcoholic drinks that are available on the market today.

Giddy Cocktails are only to be sold to and consumed by adults 21 years of age or older. Giddy beverages and beverage additives are made from the hemp-derived cannabinoid property, Delta 8 THC. Users often compare Delta 8 THC to traditional cannabis products, but without the paranoia and anxious side effects.

Although Giddy products contain a federally legal, hemp-derived THC that falls under the 2018 Hemp Farm bill, it’s important for users to remember that THC may still show up on a drug screening test and you should always consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Our variety pack includes:
(4) – Pomegranate Pot Punch
– Mary Jane Mojito
(4) – Ganja Ginger Mule
– 25 MG Beverage Additives*

*All variety pack orders will include a bonus (4) pack of 25 MG Delta 8 THC Beverage Additives so you can add to your favorite hot or cold drink or make your own cocktails at home.